Journaling June.

Hey reader! Happy New Month! 6/12. I can’t say this is the year we all planned for or even hoped for at the beginning but here we are living despite it all.

How is your 2020 journal looking like so far? Do you find journaling helpful? Are you creating mind space for other thoughts while releasing some onto paper? I know writing is not a culture for all but it can be. Anything can be learned. Steps and tips for effective journaling in my opinion.

The month of June like any other is a new beginning. I would like to believe that June is different because you are stepping into the other half. I don’t know how the past six months have been for you but that’s now in the past. Look at today, especially because it’s a Monday too as a new start. Time to revisit the goals we weren’t able to achieve before and make time to tick them off the list in this half. Goals that can be achievable during this season.

I want to journal with you. A sentence every day for the next 30 days. The thing about journaling is that you don’t have to write three full pages, even a word to describe how you were feeling that day counts. My major focus is going to be on Self Growth and Gratitude.

🌹The flower for this month is the Rose!

May you have a better month. May you have fullness in all positive aspects and may you receive some roses in this month of June! Happy New Month. ~TheQueen!👑

How to remain consistent even when you don’t feel like it?

I won’t lie. Last week was a trashy one for me. Life became a little bit more suffocating and I was emotionally overwhelmed. I’m still learning about Emotional discipline where I need to feel what I have to feel but still go ahead and handle my responsibilities without breaking. It’s a process and one day I will get there. We get stronger not weaker.
I mentally put today’s post on hold because I simply couldn’t write, I couldn’t think properly. I have several ideas but I don’t think those pieces are ready to my capability yet. Mind you, I’m such a perfectionist, so I tend to double think how the post is going to look like in the reader’s eyes. I treasure consistency so much and before I started this, I made a promise to myself and my beloved readers that I would post weekly, every Monday to be exact because it’s my favorite day.

I’m not known for being inconsistent and I love that. Consistency is one of the best traits I love about myself and I’m grateful for my friend who reminded me about that last night. She sent a voice note echoing that my “under the weather” days should not stop me from doing great. My good friend not only reminded me about why I started but encouraged me to maintain my graph. Going upwards and not downwards. You might forget whatever I’m going to talk about today but please remember to Get a tribe that believes in you. A tribe that is going to understand what you might be going through but still give you an umbrella to walk through the storm because nothing has ever stopped you before and the destination is worth more.

Consistency is the topic of my heart today. Something that I’m relearning maybe and something you should learn too. The irony is that I’m currently reading The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C Maxwell and the 5th law is just about this.
The Law of Consistency: Motivation gets you going. Discipline keeps you growing.

Consistency and Discipline are literally sisters. Being consistent is a choice as well and I believe that when you start something, stick to it and remain on that course. It might be a growth plan, a self-care routine, a new habit. It might be a personal plan to you and even when no one is watching or criticizing, it’s you who is still losing out. You are slowing down your growth by a day because of a mood. Consistency is way more important than perfection. Celebrate the act of something being done first before you worry about how well or not it came out. You tried.

  • Remember your “Why?”
  • Who is benefitting from this “why?”
  • How big of a priority is it?
  • Ignore the negative feelings.
  • Get a consistent buddy.

Your “Why” is the reason you have set that goal or started whatever it is. It could be a saving plan, a self-care routine, a healthier diet, and many others. Point is we tend to have more energy at the beginning because the “why” is still so evident on our minds but along the way we get distracted and forget. Note it somewhere and keep reminding yourself why it needs to be done, what will happen if you don’t fully accomplish? The best example is the saving plan if it’s for a trip, you can’t go if you don’t raise that money right? Stay consistent.

Is this “why” benefitting others or only you? Both are important and you wouldn’t want both parties to lose out. If it’s a goal that is not only helping your growth but someone else is being inspired to grow. No matter how you feel, think about that person that you might not know but is watching you, and learning. I believe that is great motivation!

Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.

Steven Covey.

You are only going to be as committed and consistent with something or someone you regard as important.

Negative feelings are normal but you give them the power to control you once you dwell on them too much. Those, “I won’t do this because I don’t feel like…” Nothing particular or bad may be going on but the feeling is. Self-discipline is doing what you have to do even when you don’t feel like doing it. Everyone goes through these kind of emotions but the world is not going to stop because you don’t feel like breathing that day. People wake up and do the most without basing on feelings. Nothing much would be done by everyone if we worked according to feelings. Sometimes you need to put those on hold and focus on the greater task.

The consistent buddy is like my friend who needed to say a few words and get me back on track. The people around you need to know your goals and be in full support so that they guide you back on track when you can’t do it yourself.

Make small right choices every day! Practice consistency in whatever you do, big or small!✨

Feel what you have to feel but don’t forget yourself in the process! ~TheQueen!👑

How to find inner happiness within yourself?

Happiness is a mindset. Have you met people with less but they are way happier than those with more? This is because they choose to see the joy and express gratitude with what they have at the moment. Happiness will not come to you. It will come from you!

We need to stop postponing happiness. The tendency of saying, “I will be happy when…” You are constantly waiting for life to happen the way you desire it to be in order to feel some slight joy. What are you doing to be happy today? What if the “when” never happens? You would have wasted years of procrastinating something that is not that hard to achieve. You can say, “I will be happier when…” Note the keyword, happier but for now first be happy.💛

Become more aware of the joy at the moment. Be mindful and present. Live fully without wishing for any difference. The “when” is most likely going to come when you accept today! If you can’t find even the tiniest happiness today even when the long-awaited tomorrow comes, your excitement won’t last either. Embrace happiness while on the journey, not the final destination because you might never reach.

Tomorrow is not promised!🖤

Some people fear to be happy or too happy because they don’t feel like they deserve it. Which makes me ask, Who deserves to be happy? Where is it written that these are the only specific people who have to be happy? We tend to put these limits onto ourselves. There is another kind of people where I once belonged who bring the bad upon themselves. I mean today can be an extremely good day and happiness is around you then a negative thought of it being too good to be true comes up. You start imagining how long the happiness is going to last. Remember, Mindset! Your thoughts are going to take you as far as you want to go. In case you didn’t know, our minds drive us.

Allow the happiness in and stop wishing for this or that. You only get more when you are grateful for what you have now. Takes me back to acceptance and Self Acceptance. Change what you can’t accept or accept what you can’t change.

How is your self-discovery like? Do you actually know what makes you happy? Do you know your happy thoughts? What brings joy to your table effortlessly? I advise people to have a list of 10 Happy Thoughts off head for you might need to revisit them when you need some sunshine.

We also need to understand that perfection doesn’t exist. With perfection, you are going to keep on procrastinating and looking for something that is not there. Note that you will get frustrated and stressed. There is no perfect moment to be happy. There are only moments and you choose them to be your happy moments or not.

When you can’t find the sunshine. Be the sunshine! I know many of us have read this quote or even used it as a lock screen at a certain point. Well, you are responsible for looking for goodness where you can’t find it. If you can’t find what you want, why can’t you be it then?

Someone is happy you woke up today. You can be happy about that too. ~TheQueen!👑

How would you best describe yourself if asked to?

Recently I was on scrolling on twitter and I saw this tweet and decided to write about it because I finally learned how to describe myself last year and it’s really not a hard question.

Let us change this fact today, Shall we?

This is the best ticket to talking about yourself especially when it comes to opening up to new people or a crowd. Whatever it might be, you don’t want to lose this chance because it’s a first impression. And we all know what they say about first impressions. They are the lasting impression. Whatever you say or don’t say is going to be remembered!

I’m going to take you back to Self Discovery! What do you know about yourself that you are willing to share and let others know about? Describing yourself is the same as talking about yourself in my opinion. What is it about you that you want people to know? I would recommend positive traits for the start because you wouldn’t want a stranger to leave knowing the worst about you at first sight.

I have six tips you could use if you are struggling to describe yourself especially in front of people who would love to get to know you better! Say the things that are not visible. I mean your audience clearly sees that you are tall and brown.

Mention a hobby! People are going to want to know how you spend most of your time. A hobby could be something you enjoy doing either outdoor or indoor without too much thought or force. In case you don’t have a hobby or hobbies yet, it’s high time you dug deeper into the self discovery journey!

Something you love! It could be a thing or two about yourself, a foodstuff, a song, something in nature, a book, an activity. Anything that you want people to look at and think about you first!

Something you are good at! When given an opportunity to talk about yourself, don’t ever forget this because your next opportunity might be right in front of you. What is your niche? What do you bring to the table confidently? What can you do without fear?

An accomplishment! Certificates are given so that they are displayed. Why should you hide them under the carpet? By mentioning a win, big or small it doesn’t mean that you are trying to brag or prove importance. The fact remains you accomplished, right? Feel free to talk about it because there is so much people will know about you through an achievement!

Something positive that people have said about you that you believe! The things people around you say are at times true because they see and observe. Note the word positive. Do your friends acknowledge your timekeeping skills, mention it.

Best colour! Believe it or not, your best colour will always say something about you. First of all, why is that specific colour your best out of the many? Your best colour is going to describe something about your life, a memory or even a person.

The other trick is to have three words that can completely describe you on your fingertips. With these three words, you can get one final and major word to describe yourself. Make it a challenge one of these days!

No one can describe you better than you. I don’t think anyone should be given that opportunity to know you more than you know yourself especially if you have no clue about who you really are! ~TheQueen!👑

What makes me happy?

Day twenty one is here. The last day of the Uganda blog Month challenge. It has been amazing. Blogging consistently for 21 days has been an achievement this lockdown. I have something to tell my kids. In 2020, I was able to write about different things each day for 21 days! Not to forget I have met bloggers who write out their hearts and it has been a blessing. When is the next challenge please?

About today’s topic. I’m the easiest person to make happy, okay I think I am because I’m into the smallest things. And being an open book, I don’t think its that hard. Here goes my random list of a million little things that bring happiness to my heart.

I took this on my 5 month Blog anniversary!😍


Who doesn’t love hearing nice things about themselves in a while? I love it when someone actually observes something about me and decides to say it. It’s not that I live off compliments but I can live off one simple compliment for a year! When you see good in someone, tell them! You can’t be sure that if it’s the oxygen they need to breathe that day! Plus I’m such a Words person!

Cake and any sweet thing!

Cake is life! Looking at any type of cake gives me good energy. The one thing that can improve my mood without second thought. I have a sweet tooth. Skittles, haribos, chocolate especially KitKat and Twix! Sugar weirdly helps me concentrate better. The irony in this is that visiting the dentist is my biggest fear.


Have you met someone who likes collecting cute pencils, pens, and notebooks? In case you haven’t, I’m here! Whenever I go to supermarkets, I have to check out the stationery section before I leave and I end up buying a cute pencil. Or a small notepad. Having all colored and different shaped sticky notes makes my life seem bright in a way. I don’t know but all that much colour excites me!

Sunday by Allan Toniks, Slick Stuart and DJ Roja!

This is my favorite Ugandan song at the moment! This is my happy song and my birthday this year is on a Sunday, I would love to get a shout out from these guys! It’s my one request this year. My birthday is on Sunday 30th August, 2020! I will be the happiest!


My favorite app! I collect most of my ideas and inspiration from it. Pinterest is like a home with everything I need. Scrolling through my different pins really makes my days. It’s actually therapy!

Good Surprises!

I always have what to say but with a good surprise, I will be left speechless! I mean someone has gone out of their way to do for me the very least expected and that kind of effort is so attractive!

The friendship in The Bold Type Series!

The Bold type is a series about these three girls who meet at their workplace, a magazine, and literally start sharing their lives together. They become the best of friends anyone would wish to have. I would recommend you to watch it! Friendship goals and to me it’s beyond acting because they challenge me to do so much with my friendships, to be more authentic. Seeing these girls and how they conquer life makes me a special kind of happy!

The colour Pink!

I remember at the beginning of my S1, my mom was doing the shopping and yes everything was pink, from the beddings, toiletries etc! She says it’s the only colour that puts me in a good mood. It has been my best colour since childhood. Whenever I’m shopping, pink anything gets my attention first!

The Sound of Rain!

My favorite weather! It conflicts with my personality though because I’m all sunny and cheerful. Rain makes me happy because it symbolizes growth. It shows me that for someone to become who they are meant to be, they have to go through all storms. Rain is a positive symbol!


Yes, I’m one of those girls who is cliche enough to love flowers! A bouquet of happiness. And yes I would love to receive flowers without saying I want flowers. Sending hints!

Gallery moments/Photos!

I hoard pictures because it’s therapeutic for me to visit memories. When you relieve a moment where you were once happy, you automatically register joy in your heart. Works for me.


Celebrating my people in any way that I can makes me happy! There is that special vibe birthdays bring. Celebrating people on other days makes me happy but that birthday energy hits different. Thinking about my own birthday makes me happy!


My best thing about nature! Dear future boyfriend, may we please go stargazing as a date someday and talk about the most random things. They look so beautiful when they are so many in the sky. Stars make me happy also because they remind me of a beautiful friendship. My Soulsister loves stars as well and we always reminded ourselves of this quote, “Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there!” We were separated for two years but that quote kept us alive. I know she is reading this and yes she makes me happy!


Reading awakens my imagination which brings happiness effortlessly! Whether a good book or a quote. Any written piece that awakens my interests is a joy bringer!


This is just about anything. Let it be as small as a smile. Giving happiness to others makes me happy! I love seeing people smile and get excited. It’s amazing to watch, give when you can. Bless someone!


Loving people makes me happy! Seeing people love others makes me happy. Being loved makes me happy! Love is a series of tiny little things. People don’t notice but I do. Recently one of my closest friends read my blog and did a synopsis about it. That is love right there. That is time put aside for something you care about. That is love and love makes me happiest!


Aside from them being my favorite day of the week, new beginnings generally excite me. It’s that time to breathe and start a fresh. A new week is like a second chance. The bonus is that I’m among the small percentage of people in the world that treasures Monday. What a unique happy trait!

My friendships!

I treasure my friends! I cherish you from my the bottom of my heart! You fill my happiness jar whenever we talk or laugh. Whenever we see each other and live in the moment. Whenever we celebrate life! Generally friendship is one of life’s sources of happiness and I’m glad to put all mine in that category!

Anything girly!

Dressing up! Looking cute! Shopping! Diva moments. Queening! Clothes, Bags, accessories, shoes.(anything in that department is joy!)


This is one of my core values and I love it when people stick to what they have started. It’s just attractive in a way. I mean that is true commitment. Consistency is courage to stay. It makes me happy because it’s something hard to do whatever circumstance it might be but there are always people who will prove me wrong.

The gift of family!

This is everything! This is life’s greatest blessing! I’m grateful for mine because it’s where I belong and I couldn’t choose any other. Life begins here and love never ends. Having each other is more than happiness!

I have written 21 things that make me happy! The list could be longer but 21 because today is the 21st day of blogging about the Uganda Blog Challenge. And I turn 21 in 113 days from today! 21 seems to be my lucky number at the moment. Thank you for keeping up with my blog! ~TheQueen!👑

Childhood Memory

Day twenty!! #Ugblogmonth.

I used to write my dad small notes and letters whenever I wanted something. I would rarely see him during the day and he would come home late when we were asleep. These were the earlier years of primary.

Whenever I was invited to a birthday party or if I needed something from him, I would write a small note and leave it on the table. I really want to show you one of the letters but I can’t seem to find them. I would tell him to tick yes or no to my requests then leave the note for me to see it in the morning. I know. At my big age today, I should try it out and see if it will work.

Designed you one instead. Imagine this written nicely(I had a good handwriting) on an exercise book paper.

Another childhood memory would be I always had a birthday party, whether we were at school or home. I always celebrated with a party and people. I think that is where my love for celebrating came from. Old habits die hardest.

Choose memories. ~TheQueen!👑

What I wish people stopped doing?

Day nineteen! #Ugblogmonth The days are slowly coming to an end yet this had become a nice routine.

People is me. I am people. People is us. I wish we could stop taking everything for granted. I wish we would stop feeling so entitled to waking up tomorrow. I wish that we could learn how to say Thank you not because of politeness but because we mean it.

Those are some of the things that I do and I know I’m not alone. No one ever thinks that tonight would be the last they close their eyes and never open them again. Not to scare you but it’s possible. We endlessly make plans for tomorrow, next week, or month because we think it is promised. It is guaranteed that you must live up to when you say you will. We are hesitant to say a small Thank you to the person who gives us life because we think, How can he not?

One of the first pieces I ever wrote before starting this blog was, “What would you do if you had 24 hours to live?” Typing this makes my heart panic, like relax, first wait I still have a lot I haven’t done. I haven’t done this or that? We take even the smallest things for granted simply because we think they will always be there. We postpone the simplest tasks because I mean I can always do it tomorrow or next week. I have time. Maybe next year. Take time to read this amazing piece and share your thoughts.

There is that high sense of entitlement we each have. We think it’s written somewhere that it’s our right to live till 100 or our right to live in any way because life is long and we can always mend ourselves later.

People need to say Thank you to whoever does anything for them and mean it. No one is entitled to do anything for you regardless of who you are in their lives. I mean it’s your parent’s duty to pay tuition or something but you still have to say Thank you because one day they can wake up and decide not to do it.

I wish we stopped planning too much for tomorrow and lived fully in today’s moment. Noticing and being grateful for the smallest and biggest things. The tomorrow you are planning is not promised but today that you are living is already in existence. Be present today! ~TheQueen!👑